Front nitro shock Bilstein B8 5100 Lift 6″

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Go offroad with Bilstein shock absorbers

Due to their larger tyres and heightened stance, lifted vehicles place extra demands on a shock absorber’s damping ability. Bilstein B8 5100 shock absorbers monotube design and patented degressive valving is uniquely suited to control these demands. On or off-road, loaded or unloaded, Bilstein B8 5100 shock absorbers instantly react to changing road inputs to maintain a stable, controlled, and comfortable ride.

The best construction of shock absorbers

Bilstein’s superior monotube high gas-pressure design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently. The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand as heat builds, preventing aeration (foaming) and viscosity loss. This allows the shock to maintain full damping characteristics as temperature rise. One piece aluminium rod guide and seal keep dirt out and maintain a nearly friction-free surface for longer life. Self-adjusting degressive piston instantly reacts and adjusts for any condition. Provides maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining superior comfort.


  • 46mm monotube design ensures consistent, fade-free performance in all conditions
  • Patented degressive valving instantly reacts to changing surface conditions
  • OEM certified mounting hardware allows for easy installation
  • Zinc plated for resistance against harsh elements
  • Durable vulcanized neoprene rubber bushings


  • Extended: 28,44″
  • Compressed: 16,97″
  • Travel: 11,47″


  • Top mount: stem
  • Bottom mount: bar pin